What Are The Physical Effects Of Alcohol Dependency

July 19, 2012 0 Comments

The effects of alcohol in the body can be encountered in short or long periods of time. This usually depends on the amount of alcohol taken and whether the consumption was done lightly, moderately or heavily. Alcohol users have the typical problem of cravings for alcohol that may cause a lot of discomforts if the desires are neglected.

There are many long term rehabilitation programs that offer therapy plans designed for alcoholism recovery. These facilities can help sufferers regain their mental and physical wellness.

The apparent physical effects of alcohol in the body can be observed in a drunk person who stumbles when reaching or grasping for things. The influence of alcohol can affect the regular functions of the body system making an individual incapable of undertaking daily activities like driving. The law usually requires a convicted intoxicated driver to enter in rehabilitation centers as part of their sentence. Those who have serious effects of alcohol in their body must seek professional help in long term rehabilitation centers for a full recovery.

Regular consumption of alcohol in large amount can affect an individual mentally and physically. It primarily causes more damage on the liver and digestive system. The elements of alcohol can lead to chronic liver diseases, hepatitis and cirrhosis. The symptoms of this disease include fatigue and if a person is a heavy drinker a complete liver breakdown will be experienced which may lead to death. This condition occurs depending on the duration of time that a person has been drinking.

Some study shows that prolonged intake of alcohol impacts the development of the brain tissues that will run the risk for a person to experience stroke and other associated problems of the nervous system. Alcohol abusers will also suffer from gall bladder problems, chronic gastritis, and more production of insulin leading to diabetes. Alcohol does not cause cancer but it will increase the risk of developing esophagus, mouth and colon cancer.

The amount of alcohol a person drink will determine the physical effects that he may experience. Drinking alcohol with empty stomach will also increase the physical effects of alcohol. When a person makes regular drinking as an excuse to escape from problems, he will eventually develop dependency and addiction to the substance.

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