What Are The Various Adverse Reactions Of Pain Reliever?

July 17, 2012 0 Comments

Percocet is a type of medicine made from acetaminophen and oxycodone. Many doctors prescribed this drug as a narcotic analgesic to treat mild to severe pain. The chemical composition of Percocet is similar to codeine and morphine. This medication can be paired with ibuprofen and aspirin. This medicine has behavior forming characteristics and many physicians generally recommend this substance to patients at a specific amount because of its negative effects.

The normal side effects from percocet usually consist of nausea, euphoric feelings, faintness, low blood pressure level, weakness and fatigue. People using this drug could also experience itchiness caused by opiates that discharge histamines into the bloodstream. The word opiate means a sedative narcotic drug that consists of opium. If an individual takes Percocet for a few days, it may also results to bowel problems.

Aside from the common complications of using this drug, there are also few infrequent complications of Percocet that to be considered. Normally, the problems consist of headache, excessive sweating, increasing of blood cells, dry mouth, tiredness, incapable to urinate, unhappiness, hepatitis, liver impair and many more. Some severe negative effects can also be noticed like allergic reactions, hypothermia and asthenia. It could also cause negative effects to the peripheral nervous system of a person such as seizures, cerebral edema, paraesthesia and hypoaesthesia. Hypersensitivity also can come up that can disturb the body like asthma attack, anaphylactoid response, bronchospasm, chronic anaphylaxis and laryngeal adema.

There are also bad effects of Percocet that could develop if it is combined with alcoholic drinks. The pill interaction can depress the nervous system of a person. The body of a person can respond in different ways that can enhance hallucinations and even death. Individuals who mix this medicine with tranquilizers and anesthetics may have probabilities of drug abuse and can damage the central nervous system. Percocet is often a misused pill that can result in physical and mental addiction. Based on research, many American people more than the age of twelve abused this kind of medicine once in their life.

The addiction to Percocet takes place when a person feels that he cannot survive without taking this medicine or continue using this medicine although pain has already been gone. The withdrawal symptoms include increase of blood pressure levels, weakness, myalgia, abdominal cramps, inability to sleep, diarrhea and vomiting. In order to avoid dependency to this drug, take only a desired amount recommended by the doctor. Tell the physician of other drugs that you are using to prevent drug abuse. If you feel addicted already to Percocet, call a therapist to assist you beat drug abuse.

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