What You Can Expect From Pilates

July 25, 2012 0 Comments

By Thomon Wardle

Pilates is one of those exercises that does more for the body than is immediately apparent. It’s a great way to condition the body and it’s also a great relaxing escape from the daily grind. Let’s look at the other benefits that you can expect to enjoy from practising regular Pilates. These results have been experienced by myself or my friends so they come from personal knowledge.

It’s an excellent way to regain the flat stomach that was enjoyed prior to pregnancy. A friend of mine recently had twins and managed to regain her shape in just 3 months. Others have told me that they have managed to regain their shape after having a caesarean in just 1 month.

If you are looking for an improvement in posture, then Pilates could help you. Practitioners put a lot of focus into aligning the body during their exercises. It certainly brings about a greater awareness of your body and what position you are taking with it. The muscles that it strengthens are around your lower back, trunk and abs. Many dancers use it as a way to help them with their posture.

Looking for a leaner body? Pilates is known for elongating the muscles which will go a long way in creating a stronger body but with less fat. Building muscle means that you will burn more calories, even at rest. Think of the types of bodies that marathon runners and dancers have. They are slender but strong.

Pilates is great for back pain. If you’ve got a serious condition such as a slipped disk then you shouldn’t take it on. But if your back pain is due to muscle tightness and a sedentary lifestyle then it will be good for you.

Weight loss is something that you can expect to witness, but you’ll have to eat a healthy balanced diet too. As you build muscles more of your calories will get burnt by them, even just in their resting state.

The menstrual cycle pain that can bring you down each month can be alleviated by choosing some easy exercises to do. You’ll definitely feel the difference.

Increased flexibility. This is the biggest reason that sports professionals take up regular Pilates. They can expect fewer injuries as their muscles become less tight and more supple. After a tiring day, Pilates can give you more energy. The number of women who drag themselves to classes only to find themselves feeling refreshed and rejuvenated at the end is a testament to this. With just a 1 hour session, the stressed and tense feeling caused by a tough day at work will evaporate and you’ll find yourself ready to take on the kids.

Ladies who are in or approaching menopause need to consider weight bearing exercises for their bone health. Performing Pilates with weights or a resistance band can increase bone density.

My final point is that you can expect your blood circulation to be improved as the muscles are being used.

Pilates really does offer a lot of benefits and with a list of benefits this long – you can see why I highly recommend it to anybody.

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