What You Must Know About Opiate-Based Painkillers

August 6, 2012 0 Comments

After in depth research we learned that 15 million people in the United States are afflicted by addiction of prescription drugs. Every single day 2500 teenagers try prescription medications for the first time. It’s estimated that prescription drugs abuse is a leading cause of death, being compared to the addiction of heroin. The common opinion among teenagers is that legal medicines are safer than street drugs. Surveys reveal that there is a great chance that teenagers who take these drugs suffer from alcoholism also. Also, the chance of smoking marihuana is five times higher than in teenagers who do not use any type of opiates.

Withdrawal from prescription drug addiction can be very long and challenging process, particularly if you don’t know that you have been enslaved by taking drugs. Some individuals don’t know they are addicted to Xanax or Valium until they observe the results of not taking the dope. Sleeplessness, nausea, hallucinations, coordination problems and stress are some of the major withdrawal symptoms.

Habit forming prescription medications are of two types. Drugs, acting as sedatives are the first one. Drugs, serving as stimulants that give you energy, are the 2nd type. Overdosing prescription medications of any type could cause death. There are various reasons why people suffer from addiction to prescription drugs. The most common reason for someone to take these drugs is because they serve as painkillers. People find out they make them relieved and begin taking them regularly. Boredom is the 2nd reason behind prescription drugs addiction. So they’re curious about the effects, caused by prescription drugs. Some teenagers use dopes in order to show the others they have grown up. Actually, they use drugs as a revolt against the ethical standards.

All in all, prescription drug addiction is a major problem not just in the US but in the whole world. Although the the widespread opinion is that they are safer than illegal drugs, it appears they are major reason for death across the world. More and more children under 15 years of age try prescription medications for the first time and become dependent on it. About five million teenagers in the US confess that they have been using doctor prescribed painkillers for quite some time. The majority of them have started having narcotics at the age of fourteen.

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