What You Need To Know About Sedative Abuse

June 26, 2012 0 Comments

Sedative is used by people to induce sleep. A depressant, the medicine acts on a person’s central nervous system and can be addictive when taken in larger doses and for a long period of time.

Ambien use is likely to happen as people tend to use this drug to aid their sleep. It works quicker and gives relief for insomnia and anxiety; however the drug also has a seductive euphoric effect that’s advanced when a person goes to sleep following the administration of the drug.

Side Effects

When an individual is addicted to ambient, he may experience hallucinations, delusions, decreased inhibition and depression. These effects become worst when the medication is utilized with other depressants or alcohol. This addiction can be fatal. Indeed, it increases suicidal attempts and the risk of overdose. Excessive use of ambient can also cause drowsiness and coma. Some people who take this drug experience sleep-drive or some complicated behaviors while they are not completely awake.

Minimizing the Risks

In order to decrease the possibility of addiction, individuals must use the drugs in less than ten days. They should also take a dosage which is between 5 mg and 10 mg. Recognizing a person who is abusing ambient can be difficult; however the signs and symptoms can be beneficial in the identification. These include irritability, anxiety attacks, fatigue, stomach pains, insomnia and nausea. As a person is used to utilizing the drug to have some sleep, when they do not take it, it will be hard for them to fall asleep.


People who are addicted to ambient have treatments to choose from. Just like any best drug treatment, treatment for ambien addiction will require detoxification and continuous treatment through inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation.

Detoxification – cleanses the body of the traces of ambien and other toxic compounds. Depending on a patient’s dependency level, the detoxification could present some medical complications.

Inpatient Therapy – Individuals who are treated in a rehabilitation center will focus on the aspects which caused him to abuse the drug. This kind of therapy provides a structured environment that has group or individual treatment sessions.

Outpatient Therapy – This is the extension of the patient’s rehabilitation. This allows the person to get involved in necessary therapy works.

As ambien addiction is deadly, it is important to determine this condition at the earliest time possible. This will allow the abuser to submit himself to a treatment plan that will concentrate on his addiction.

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