When The Safety Of Mole Removal Procedures Is Put To Question

July 12, 2012 0 Comments

By Maia Jamile

Your mind might be reeling with many doubts and questions regarding moles. You may be afraid that it could lead to cancer. You might not know whether it can be removed using safe procedures. Moles are used as identifying marks for many people. But today, those who wish to enhance the beauty of their face wish to keep them free of moles and warts. Spending lots of money on mole removal procedures has become quite acceptable.

Some moles are harmless, while others can be cancerous. This depends on the hormonal changes and other external factors. If they are found to be cancerous, there is no other choice but to have them removed. But care must be taken during mole removal procedures, to prevent skin infections.

When should you ask for a doctor’s expertise and when should the mole removal be done? Consult a doctor immediately when you notice a skin infection coming on. It could be that there is noticeable and excessive discharge from the moles. Have a doctor look at it immediately. You may also notice some excessive bleeding from the moles. They could also emit a foul smell. You are most definitely suffering from a skin infection. Special attention and care should be given to the infected wound or mole area. It is also possible that the person will experience fever. Adults could have their temperature spiking up to 100 degrees F. In children, it might rise up to 101F. The person could also experience sever pain aside from the fever. That is the reason why you should always be careful in these procedures.

There are people who do not know whom to approach regarding their mole removal procedures – should they go to a dermatologist or should they directly consult with a plastic surgeon. Take note that both are qualified in this field, so either will do. When they make their decisions, you can rest assured that they are doing so with a lot of experience, skills and expertise honed from learning and practicing their profession. Hence you need not to have any kind of hesitation to remove the moles. Look for a doctor who has gathered many good reviews and testimonials from people who have tried availing their services before. Choose a doctor who is certified by the general board for plastic surgery if you want to be assured that the beauty of your face will not be compromised.

There are some cases where the process of removing moles will also have some normal skin being removed. Having other skin disorders will render the patient’s skin very weak, resulting in this mishap. Find a plastic surgeon who can carry out a surgery that will leave normal skin untouched.

Playing it safe when it comes to solving health issues is always a good thing. It is believed that plastic surgeons are more skilled than the dermatologist in removing moles. They are known to be able to perform the procedures without scars developing. You would be better off spending more money in hiring a highly skilled surgeon if you are particularly keen on avoiding scars from developing on your face. You will be able to avoid scars and other deformities if you make a good choice of a surgeon.

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