Which Are The Anxiety Symptoms In Men: How Would You Recognize Them

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By Wade Anders

Men encounter many nerve-racking issues in their lives. Most men were raised to believe that they need to do well in whatever they do. They must look after their family, they should be a great husband for their wife, as well as a great father to their children. In today’s difficult economic times, competition is worse than in the past, and next to impossible to get away from.

Anxiety is a thing that everyone deals with within their lives, each day. In general, just about everyone has found our very own methods for managing the anxiety the world throws at us. It is when the anxiety that’s coming at us overwelms our normal problem management mechanism that the problems begin.

Why could anxiety signs and symptoms in men be more of a problem then for women?

For women, their coping mechanism may be significantly better designed to cope with anxiety than is men’s. Women usually have a close number of friends with whom they are able to, will and DO talk. Men, however, have been raised to: “Suck it up!”, and in fact when surrounded with their closest friends won’t spill the beans and talk out their problems. For some reason they believe that it would be a sign of weakness, and hence: “Unmanly”. So they presume that they will eventually conquer all of their difficulties if they just keep on doing what they are already doing, and fail to look for help, covering up their problems and concerns and feelings from everyone else.

Which means the anxiety symptoms in men and the pressure may still build, up to the problem point: the point where it will start having an effect on your life-style. The overwhelming amount of anxiety, when it gets to the breaking point, can bring about something referred to as Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), the act of worrying everyday about one’s problems, which a month or a year before would not have been a subject of worry. Worry begins to consume their every waking hour, leaving room for less and less “calm” emotions. This brings on a perfect storm of more and more panic and harmful emotions. This, needless to say can make it even more challenging to concentrate and succeed at the job, or even in the home, which then brings about all the more anxiety. So if you’re a man that may be hoping to discover if the thoughts and physical signs you are feeling and seeing are an actual problem, or if perhaps you are the friend or loved one that may be worried about someone you know, just what are several of the anxiety symptoms in men?

Examples of the anxiety symptoms in men:

1.) Low energy. Pressure and worry are using up all of the energy.
2.) Escalating alcohol consumption. Self-medicating may work at the start, however it will turn into a crutch, and more and more will likely be required to supply that short-lived comfort they’re seeking.
3.) Growing drug use. Same reason.
4.) Sleep problems. This may vary from almost the inability to sleep, to not ever sleeping long enough. Worry is taking over the mind, and sleep may be a difficult thing to do.
5.) A sensation of helplessness. Uncertain what direction to go, and the things worked before isn’t working any longer.
6.) Loss of appetite. You may not notice him not eating, however you might very well notice his loss of weight.
7.) On edge all of the time, might be highly irritable. You might discover that your once easy going guy bites your head off for absolutely no reason.
8.) Thoughts of worthlessness. This starts back to how he was raised, and today he’s feeling like he can’t meet his own expectations.
9.) Looks, and is very stressed. You might notice that his muscles are all tense, or that he is grinding his teeth, or you may even see his jaw muscles working all the time, or his hands clenching and unclenching.
10.) More headaches then are ordinary.
11.) Complaints of a sick stomach, upset stomach, and/or diarrhea…….they are all from the anxiety: it helps bring about the fight or flight response and the gut just doesn’t work well during these times.
12.) Moving faraway from lifelong habits. This may mean a runner that stops running, a bowler that stops bowling, not bathing, not shaving, and not dressing as nicely as usual.
13.) Absence of any typical sexual desire.
14.) Physical warning signs like heart palpitations, heavy perspiration, trembling.

Since anxiety signs in men, if left un-coped with and untreated could be mentally dangerous, and physically taxing, it is very important seek some help. If you are the friend or loved one of an individual you suspect is having difficulties, you will want to begin moving them towards getting treatment.

If you are a man that has discovered this article, and sees a great deal of yourself in the signs and symptoms above, then I compliment you in taking that initial step. Next, if you haven’t already done so, please know and understand that you’re not the only guy to experience this, and it’s okay: it can all be fixed: it is able to all go away. You have to admit that whatever you did before didn’t work, therefore you have to get some more tools in the tool box in order to fix this. But you Can certainly fix this.

You can be “The King of This Thing!”

If you have the signs of Anxiety Symptoms In Men, you only have to admit that whatever you did before didn’t work, therefore you have to get a lot more tools in your tool box so that you can fix this. But you Can certainly fix this.

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