Why The French Are Healthier Than The British

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According to research, French are healthier than the Brits and surprisingly, people in France need not to starve themselves to death and spend countless hours in the gyms just to lose significant amount of weight. What are the underlying causes behind this phenomenon?

Living a French way of life is such an awesome experience. In France, you get to indulge your palate to a number of delectable cuisines such as wedges, filet mignon and crème brûlee, without worrying about your diet and weight.

Many Americans and Brits coming to France are surprised to notice a significant reduction in their weight despite the fact that they frequently indulge themselves to French diet. According to research, French are less likely to be diagnosed with heart diseases and other serious health conditions compared to Americans and Brits.

Risk for Heart Diseases
According to recent statistical data, British and French share the same risk level for heart diseases as French are now consuming as much as what the Brits consume. However, statistics show that incidence of heart diseases in France only accounts for a quarter of the incidence of cardiovascular diseases in the United Kingdom. How is this possible?

According to researchers, the fewer incidences of heart diseases among French today are greatly affected by their lifestyle in the past. Researchers claim that 20-30 years before, French people were taking less of animal fat.

Cardiovascular diseases usually take a period of time to develop. Since they observe a healthier lifestyle before compared today, then they are less likely to be diagnosed with heart diseases. Researchers predict that in 10-15 years time, deaths associated with heart diseases in France will be as high as those in the United Kingdom.

What Is It With The French Diet
France is a great place to live life-this is perhaps one of the most common reactions from tourists visiting France. Surprisingly, France is holding a record for a wide range of delicious, great tasting and nutritious foods. Compared to American and British diets, French diets are mostly composed of healthy and raw ingredients which are definitely good for the body.

Most French diets exclude large amount of meat and fish are only included three to four times a week. French diet usually contains creams and cheeses but people in France are less likely to gain weight. Also, French pastries contain less of sugar. Instead, pastries are mostly made with cream and real butter. While most British take a sandwich on their desk while working, French people prefer taking a full meal with a glass of wine.

Fastfood Restaurants in France
Compared to the UK and US, there are less fastfood restaurants in France. Eating in France is not done in a rushed manner. For French people, taking time in eating smaller courses along with a glass of wine is a good way to relax which is good for the body. They believe that it is beneficial for digestion.

High intake of red wine is thought to be the major factor behind the impressive health of French people. However, researchers find insufficient connection between the intake of red wine and good health of French. Instead, they suggest other factors such as the minimal intake of animal fat.

The Role of Red Wine in the Health of French People
While some researchers do not support the idea that intake of red wine plays a major role in the good health of French people, many scientific studies prove that intake of wine, especially red wine, is beneficial to the body.

Red wines, when taken in moderate amount, help in strengthening the heart. It helps in preventing the production of certain chemicals which can clog up arteries thereby resulting to heart attack later on.

Engaging in Physical Activities to Improve Health
Aside from the abundant availability of French restaurants offering mouth-watering delicacies, you might be surprised to know that there are fewer gyms in France. You are less likely to find gyms in France as French people tend to integrate exercise with their daily living.

Unlike the Brits, French are less likely to take a walk or jog over the weekends. But in spring, you can find thousands of French cyclists. From kids to adults, cycling is an excellent way to achieve good health. After cycling, you can find lots of them heading to village bistros, searching for a delicious red wine to drink.

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