Why Women Need To Take Prenatal Vitamins

August 12, 2012 0 Comments

By Fellice R. Davison

Many women wonder if they should take prenatal vitamins during and after pregnancy. They should take them since even if they eat a balanced diet, they may not get all the essential nutrients and that they need, which supplements can provide. Most doctors recommend that whenever possible women should take prenatal vitamins before, while, and after getting pregnant to get all the nutrients they need for themselves and the baby.

Women may have problems receiving everything they need from their diet for various reasons. Health problems, dietary restrictions, and related issues prevent many women from eating certain types of foods. Other women can’t absorb necessary nutrients during their pregnancy because of morning sickness.

These nutrients provide an assortment of benefits to women who are trying to get pregnant, expectant mothers, and those who have recently given birth. They give nutrients that help prevent the loss of bone density, carry oxygen in the blood for mother and child, reduce the risk of neural tube defects, and others that help moms to provide the nutrients their baby needs. In addition to these benefits, some research shows that prenatal vitamins can decrease the risk of low birth weight.

Other vital nutrients, like folic acid, calcium, iron supplements for women, and vitamin D, aren’t in many vitamin supplements, so look at the label before buying a supplement. Folic acid helps prevent neural tube defects and other severe brain and spinal cord abnormalities. Iron specifically helps fetuses to form properly as it prevents anemia in moms. When mothers are in the third trimester, calcium and vitamin D are especially important since they help babies bones develop well.

Since it helps promote healthy fetal brain formation, omega-3 fatty acids are another type of nutrients that are important during the developmental stages. That is especially the case if a mother chooses, or is unable, to eat fish or other foods high in these acids.

It is easy to understand why prenatal vitamins ought to be included as a regular part of a woman’s daily regimen. Not very long ago these were only available to consumers in pill form. Pills are still easy to find for those who want them, but doctors now suggest that patients take forms that are more easily absorbed. This is the reason prenatal vitamins are now available in soft-gel, liquid, and chewable capsules.

Finally, it is a good idea to consult a doctor to make sure you just what you need.

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