How to Get Rid Of Skin Tags Naturally

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Do you suffer from skin tags? Do you ask yourself how to get rid of skin tags? Be confident with your own skin and let your beauty shine. This article will help you deal with skin tags.

A skin tag (acrochordon) is a tiny or small and soft, hanging skin. It is a harmless growth that can fall or rub off effortlessly and painlessly if it is really small. Skin tags can appear on any part of our body, although they can be usually found on areas where skin rubbing may happen. Some of these areas are eyelids, neck, armpits, upper chest, under the breasts and the groin area.

Skin tags cause no symptoms at all unless one or something is rubbing or scratching at it repeatedly that can trauma to the skin. Skin tags are also benign and not cancerous. Have you ever wonder what skin tags are made of? Well, skin tags are made of nerve cells, fat cells, fibers and ducts and an epidermis.

Many of you may be asking what causes skin tags. It can be due to that you have gain a lot of weight recently, maybe it is because of heredity. More often than not the cause is unknown. Here is the latest though of people who have diabetes or pregnant females are prone to having skin tags. Males and females are affected equally a dermatologist say. Also people with HPV or Human Papilloma virus are at risk of having skin tags. Illegal steroid use could definitely cause a person skin tags because steroids can interfere with the functioning of the body where collagen fibers in the skin bond thus forming skin tags.

Skin tags also commonly occur after midlife. A bunch of collagen and blood vessels are said to be the cause of skin tags during this stage of life. Although, there are times skin tags may fall off on their own, most do not.

There are natural ways on how to get rid of skin tags, and they are:

1. Use tea tree oil. Skin tags can be removed using tea tree oil. This tea tree oil is extracted from Melaleuca Alternifolia, an Australian plant. Tea tree oil makes wonder for your skin as it is used by many to treat skin diseases. All you have to do is simply wash the skin tag and the surrounding areas with a mild soap and water. Let it dry. Three drops of tea tree oil on a cotton ball is enough to be applied on the skin tag. Do this method three times a day. You can usually see results after two days.

2. Dermisil- It is a natural herbal extract from three plants – Ricinus communis, Thuja occidentalis and Melaleuca. These plants are known for their healing effects on many skin problems.

3. Castor oil – is another popular natural remedy when it comes to removing skin tags. Mixing it with baking soda is recommended to effectively remove the skin tag. Mix both together until a paste is from and apply it gently to your skin tag.

Before following any of the steps on this How To Get Rid of Skin Tags article, be sure that what you are getting rid of is a skin tag not a developing tumor.

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