Addicted Pregnant Ladies Can Recover In The Safekeeping Of A Treatment Center

July 4, 2012 0 Comments

Substance abuse is prevalent in our planet today. Guys and ladies have the inclination to become a drug abuser. Addiction to drugs has also been an issue for pregnant women and the case gets more serious with the effects of drug use to her and the baby. Several study assures a detrimental health status of the child by the time he or she will be born.

Countless health problems and illnesses such as STD or sexually transmitted diseases, blood infections, anemia and hepatic illnesses can be brought about by prohibited substance use. Although the baby does not have a direct access to the particular substance consumed by their mom, it would be more probable that the baby will be delivered sickly or premature. Numerous researches reveal that in the course of the pregnancy, if a mom takes heroin, the child will be lighter in weight in comparison to the normal babies. If the babies are affected with Indian hemp, there is a chance that they may be affected with ADD or attention deficiency disorder. Poor IQ and behavior can also be a result for babies born from a dependent mother. Fetal development as well as movement are also restricted somewhat.

One of the drugs that lead to such effect is Methamphetamine. Have you heard of the psychosocial effects of this substance to babies? This negative effect can be a dilemma of babies who have access to prohibited drugs used by their mother. Every single pregnant woman dependent on prohibited drugs may also possess the feeling of guilt, denial, shame, embarrassment as well as solitude. They also have the worry of being locked up for such unlawful act of abusing illegal drugs. For this reason, they have a tendency to be stressed and feel very frustrated. The worst case is when the mother commits suicide or abortion. Individuals from all parts of the world know that it is definitely not proper to kill a living creation.

It has been lately found that 5% of pregnant ladies are still into substance abuse or in simple terms, using prohibited drugs. This was confirmed by a particular survey last month. Also, the age range of fifteen to 25 has the highest chance of getting dependent on drugs than those who are in their middle forties and over 26 years old.

It has been a blessing that addiction rehab center perfect for females who are carrying a new living creation in their uterus is now accessible. These rehab facilities can completely assist each and every expectant female to get rid of their prohibited drug addiction.

The addiction center is providing certain drugs such as methadone maintenance. This treatment also comes with pre-natal care and an efficient treatment solution referred to as the comprehensive program for drug abuse treatment.

Treatments for a patient’s conduct are also rendered. Treatments have been effective in the rehabilitation of an addicted pregnant woman. The methods utilized by rehabilitation employees are purely motivational and lowers the possibility of suicide.

In summary, substance abuse will still remain to be a very serious problem even for the years to come in the event that there are no effective measures undertaken by the government. It truly has a harmful effect to the lives of pregnant females. Each and every expectant mother should have the knowledge and must recognize their duty to preserve their life and the baby that she will be delivering in the future.

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