Are You Sensitive To Wheat?

June 4, 2012 0 Comments

By Javier Snover

Wheat (and its affiliate gluten) is a staple element in many Western food stuffs and it can be hiding anywhere, even in your most loved foods. Here’s a brief list of several of the most standard origins of wheat and tips on how to avoid or change them if you are staying away from wheat due to a medical problem or for individual reasons.


Yes, this includes whole-wheat and “white” bread considering the fact that both are made from wheat flour, and anything else made from a flour dough. When it says “Wheat Flour” on the ingredients label, it contains wheat within it. This automatically eliminate potato bread, sourdough, pastries, and pie crust unless otherwise noted. Flour tortillas clearly contain flour.

Substitute for breads:

Almond flour is a widely used low-carb replacement for wheat flour. Others include a selection of nut flours as well as rice flour, and other non-wheat grains like durum and sorghum, which are a bit more difficult to locate in your daily grocery store. In general, breads must be avoided. Corn meal and corn flours are excellent and widely accessible in Latin American delicacies. Some up-and-coming pizza places provide pizzas with gluten free dough.

Oats, Bran, Granola, Cereals

Virtually all cereals, granolas and oatmeal may contain gluten, so a quick glance at an ingredients content label must tell you whether or not it’s harmless to consume. Generally, these should be warded off.

Replacement for Oats, Bran, Granola, Cereals:

Cornflakes, rice-based cereals (double-check the contents to make certain it has no wheat or even wheat flour)

Pasta and noodles

This consists of spaghetti noodles, every types of pasta and macaroni, egg noodles (yes, egg noodles are created from wheat flour), ramen noodles (both instant and Japanese kinds)

Alternative to Pasta and Noodles:

There are pasta and noodle replacements made of rice or brown rice which are as good, if not much better than the wheat kind . Rice noodles are a staple in lots of types of Asian cuisine

Sneaky foods made up of flour ingredient

Salsas, soups, stews, broths and also gravies may or might not have wheat flour as a thickener. Seasoning mixes, marinade rubs and condiments may have flour. Box-brands of dinner rice just like jambalaya or risotto may contain flour. Soy Sauce of virtually all labels probably possesses flour except when listed as Gluten Free.

More info on wheat allergies can be located here: wheat intolerance

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