Butorphanol Addiction: How Can You Manage?

June 4, 2012 0 Comments

Little do people understand that dependency to butorphanol, a morphinan-type synthetic opioid analgesic or sometimes known as Stadol, can be life-threatening. Butorphanol is often used as a pain reliever which treats mild to extreme cases of pain. It’s also used to eliminate pain before surgical procedures or giving birth.

Although, there are many of recorded cases which has led to butorphanol abuse. Patients who were prescribed by doctors with this particular drug but prolongs the use may be in serious danger. This particular drug should not be taken on large doses or much longer than the doctor has prescribed. Optimum care should be taken and doctors’ orders must always be followed. Most patients taking this drug have zero or little understanding on what is in it for them in the long run.

Dependency to this drug can result in long term physical and psychological problems. It usually starts when prescribed to alleviate discomfort for injuries or surgery until an addiction begins to form. Since this drug is proven to be addictive, this painkiller is in fact listed in the Controlled Substances Act as Schedule 4 narcotic. So how do we recognize this addiction? You may be able to detect it if you notice these common indications of butorphanol addiction:

• Limbs begin to ache
• Rush in of bodily reactions
• Depression symptoms
• Cold sweating
• Vomiting and nausea
• Hallucinations
• Severe pains
• Anxiety
• Uncontrollable looseness of the bowels

It may also lead to fatal respiratory trouble if taken with other medications, sedatives or alcoholic beverages. Studies reveal that addiction to this drug can affect just about anybody regardless of background. Patients who are dealing with this problem require effective detoxification procedure. It’s important for them to undergo this treatment to cut that drug cycle.

Butorphanol addiction or stadol addiction can lead to opiate overdose along with painful withdrawal. This has to be stopped or prevented. If you or someone that you know of may be suffering from such drug abuse, it’s the best time to find Drug Treatment Program. This medication or any other kind of drug addiction can cause severe health issues and even death. It is highly important for you to know the serious side effects once this drug is given to your body. It may start off as a safe pain reliever but can be lethal when abused. Seek professional help when signs of addiction are present. Sometimes you can never know when to stop when you are hooked to it so it’s essential to learn butorphanol and its side effects.

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