Common Sleep Aid For Those Suffering From Sleeplessness

August 2, 2012 0 Comments

By Bryan Hill

Ambien is a very common sleep aid for people being affected by insomnia and other sleep disorders. However, it carries severe side effects as well as withdrawal symptoms, if discontinued abruptly. Ambien withdrawal may occur even when the affected person is taking the drug for a week or two. Ambien withdrawal is a serious issue for people who are addicted to the drug and not to be taken carefully.

Ambien withdrawal signs or symptoms:
Withdrawal effects due to abrupt discontinuance of the medication could happen even if the affected individual is using the drug everyday for a period of up to 2 weeks. It is vital to lookout for withdrawal signs and symptoms to treat them effectively. The signs and symptoms of Ambien withdrawal include
1. Gastrointestinal upset:
Patients generally experience stomach upset when Ambien is stopped suddenly. Nausea, vomiting, decreased appetite and stomach pain are the other gastrointestinal symptoms that occur with Ambien withdrawal. These symptoms may persist for some days, but if it becomes bothersome or worsens, it should be reported to the medical doctor right away.

2. Irritability or anxiety:
Patients may feel mood related withdrawal symptoms and they appear unusually irritable or anxious, following abrupt discontinuance of the medication. These symptoms also need to be discussed with the physician as quickly as possible.

3. Sweating and difficulty in sleeping:
Abrupt discontinuance of Ambience may cause profuse sweating which can be uncomfortable and disrupt the patient’s ability to have a good night’s sleep. Additionally, the patient may develop “rebound insomnia”, after Ambien treatment. Consequently, there’s a difficulty in staying asleep or falling asleep for several nights after Ambien treatment.

4. Seizures and tremors:
Some patients may develop seizures after stopping Ambien suddenly. Also, unusual shakiness or tremors may develop which can be both uncomfortable and disruptive to the affected patients. Although these conditions resolve after a few days, any increase in the severity of tremors and seizures should be reported to the physician right away.

Final thoughts:
Ambien is a prescription medication used in the treating of insomnia. Because of its habit forming nature, Ambien should be used in caution. Likewise, withdrawal symptoms are very common even if the drug is used for one or two weeks. Most of the Ambien withdrawal symptoms are minor and can easily be treatable by the physician. But for significant withdrawal symptoms, the physician may return the sufferer to the normal dosage and then wean off the drug slowly and gradually.

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