Natural Depression Remedies

August 2, 2012 0 Comments

The idea of finding natural depression remedies is not new. It’s been around for approximately a bazillion years (give or take a zillion). As miserably debilitating as depression can be, for some people, the side effects associated with antidepressants can be nearly as bad.

The Italian philosopher, Cicero, wrote, “The competent physician, before he attempts to give medicine to the patient, makes himself acquainted not only with the disease, but also with the habits and constitution of the sick man.” That statement alone might indicate why he was able to get away with listing his profession as “philosopher” on his tax returns!

You already know the “constitution” of the person suffering from depression. There is, for lack of a better term, a heaviness of spirit that accompanies depression. You feel despondent, tired, uninterested in life and have difficulties concentrating and sleeping. It’s a desperate feeling.

Depression may be triggered by outside events, such as grief or illness. Or it may strike from out of the blue, leaving you to wonder how you won this horrific, genetic lottery.

To find the natural depression remedies that are right for you, start with examining your preexisting lifestyle habits. Too often, people take better care of their cars than themselves.

Caffeine is Not High-Octane Fuel

Are you running on caffeine? While you may think that caffeine is the only thing keeping you going, it is more likely dragging you down.

Caffeine addiction can interfere with your normal moods. It can make you jittery and cause sleep disruptions. It’s a vicious cycle. You consume caffeine so you will be alert. You eventually crash. You consume more caffeine. You can’t fall asleep at night. Guess what you reach for the following morning. It’s a relationship based on lies!

Start by cutting back on caffeine, to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Scrap the Junk Food

Diet is one of the easiest depression remedies to implement. People with diets high in vegetables, fruits and fish report fewer instances of depression. People with diets high in processed foods, fried foods, and unhealthy desserts report higher instances of depression.

It doesn’t take a “rocket surgeon” to deduce that healthy is good and unhealthy is bad. Some of the best natural remedies are going to be found in the produce section.

Put the Pedal to the Metal

No, don’t go for some dangerous joyride, but do put on sneakers and engage in some exercise. When you are depressed, every fiber of your being wants to sit on the couch or lie in bed with the blankets pulled over your head. That is one of the worst things you can do, if you are serious about finding natural remedies for depression.

Regular aerobic exercise lifts your spirits. Don’t let the word “aerobic” scare you. No spandex is required. You may not be able to think about joining a dance class right now, but you can force yourself to take a brisk walk.

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