Dealing With Pain Killer Addiction And Treatment

July 3, 2012 0 Comments

Substance abuse and substance addiction have often been used interchangeably. However, they have a difference. Abuse is the precursor for dependence. Abuse is when one substance is used with the wrong intention or purpose. Addiction develops when there’s unmanageable abuse of the substance. Most of the substances that are currently being abused in our world are prescription drugs specifically pain killers. The advancement on medication has been a great contributor to lengthening man’s life. Yet, there are others who seem to use it for reasons that aren’t for treatment. Those who are trapped in the whirlpool of drug abuse usually are not the only ones who suffer but also their family.

A very common pain killer that’s been abused in the market is called Darvocet. Its composition is a combination of acetaminophene and propoxyphene. The acetaminophene have analgesic properties and it enhances the body’s reaction to propoxyphene. Propoxyphene can be addictive and that’s why the drug Darvocet has become one of those illicit medicines abused today. Usage of this drug must be prescribed by a doctor. The purpose of this drug is to help individuals feel comfortable and pain free after surgical procedures or when they are struggling with chronic pain related disorders.

The wonderful effect of Darvocet intake makes individuals dependent on the drug. Consider the thought of having severe pain, and an intense feeling of relief is felt after a few minutes of intake. It does make a person want to take it again, and again. Doctors give prescriptions to help in determining the correct dose and time interval for the use of the drug. If this is not properly followed, addiction is most likely to occur. There are many ways to identify darvocet addiction signs. A change in behaviour towards the drug usage is really common. Discomfort of not using the medication even if the time interval has not yet passed is one sign. Other people who are addicted would purchase the medicine at internet pharmacies to avoid questioning of their use. Some would also fake prescriptions in order to purchase the drug.

It’s important for friends and families to be aware about the attitude and behavior of those people who use this medicine. When dependence is discovered, family members must not be scared or threatened. Acceptance of the problem can help in the process of treatment for an addiction to darvocet. There’s no easy solution when dependence has happened. The road to recovery may be bumpy and slow but there’s hope when acceptance is made and proper solutions are being deliberated.

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