Detecting Drug Addiction At Its First Stages

July 19, 2012 0 Comments

Substance abuse is a condition that even affects the whole family, even peers. This is the reason why it is very important for anyone who are afflicted by drug use to get good amount of support from their relatives and friends. You can save members of the family from suffering from drug addiction by looking for early indications of drug addiction. There are a lot of indications of drug use; you can also get reliable information from preparing for help for alcohol abuse to determin symproms of forms of addiction.

Addiction to Prescribed Drugs

There are individuals who are afflicted by dependence on prescription medications. There are prescription drugs which can be addicting when ingested in large amounts. People who suffer from this condition have slurred speech, weary eyes, would look tired. This would also affect their motor functions. Effects would also include sleepiness; in most cases, people who suffer from this condition sleep quite often.

Addiction to Cocaine

This can be taken in various methods. Those who would choose injectables would usually have needlemarks. They would often prefer to conceal these scars by wearing long-sleeved clothes regardless if it is warm to hide the marks. Sniffing the drug is also another approach. You would find such users to have tender nasal passages caused by this habit. Those who are obsessed with cocaine would experience weight reduction and loss of desire for food. Some would display an unusual fixation to a part of their body.

Addiction to Opium

As this is administered through injection, this would generate needle marks. You would also notice that the pupils are narrowed. People who suffer from this drug addiction would have clammy skin and would perspire profusely. They would also have the tendency to sleep often.

Addiction to Methamphetamines

This is a popular recreational drug that acts as a stimulant and causes euphoria. People who ingest this substance would exhibit a heightened a feeling of well-being as the drug is still effective. When the effects fade away, the user would show symptoms of depression. Those who are affected by this addiction would have a tendency to be easily irritated and violent.

The symptoms may vary based on substance they took in. At times, it really helps to trust your instincts. It is a lot easier to attain recovery by managing drug addiction at its initial phases. It helps to have good open understanding within your household. Through this and learning about help for alcoholism you can help loved ones overcome their struggles and prevail over their addiction.

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