Treatment For Alcoholic Hypoglycemia – Learning What Hypoglycemia Is, Symptoms As Well As Treatment

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Have you ever seen a glucose meter before? It’s the medical instrument used to evaluate the level or overall concentration of glucose in the blood. Glucose is a kind of sugar that our body require as an energy source. It comes from carbohydrate rich food just like rice, vegetables, bread, milk and sweets. The standard concentration of glucose in the blood is from 70 up to 100 milligrams per decilitre.

Blood sugar changes once in a while and meal after meal but when this level exceeds, there will be a probability of diabetes for an individual. The disorder characterized by the abnormal development of the blood sugar is called as hypergycemia and the counterpart the low blood sugar level is what we call as hypoglycemia. In this article, we are going to discuss the latter and highlight the significance of the treatments for alcoholism hypoglycemia in order to save a life from alcohol’s life-threatening effects.

One main factor for lowered glucose concentration in the blood is the abusive drinking or consumption of alcohol over time. Alcohol eventually reduces blood sugar amount which then causes alcoholic hypoglycemia. This condition though can be self-treated by eating glucose rich food (as we have stated previously) which may also cause severe and deadly situations even death when not given the suitable therapy. This disorder could also take place during sleep. It will lead to bad dreams, excessive perspiration, fatigue, and being puzzled after getting up from sleep.

Indications for alcohol-induced hypoglycemia may include:

1. Feeling of hunger every now and then

2. Instability of hands, arms and legs

3. Tenseness or anxiety

4. Excessive sweating

5. Faintness or nausea

6. Drowsiness

7. Perplexity

8. Trouble or difficulty in talking

9. Uneasiness

10. Feeling weak

Is there a known Treatment for Alcoholic hypoglycemia?

Hypoglycemia does not take place every time an individual drink excessively. However, drinking without having a bite of food will most likely bring about this disorder. Treatment for alcoholics hypoglycemia is by adding glucose enriched food in the meals and limiting or completely refraining from alcohol consumption. As hypoglycemia generally can hit anytime, anyone that experience any kind of disorder or even sickness must not even try a small amount of alcohol, as individuals with this weak situations are delicate and even more vulnerable to alcohol’s toxic outcomes. Another warn to stay away from drinking is when having a baby. When a woman is having a baby, she is most likely to experience hypoglycemia and a lot of people are aware that alcohol contains dreadful results to the fetus.

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