Diabetes Has Reached Epidemic Proportions

June 8, 2012 0 Comments

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If you or someone in your family has diabetes then you are one of over 20million people in the USA alone. But it is not only the USA as the rest of the world is suffering from this disease at an alarming rate that one would think it was a highly infectious disease if you see the sudden increase in the last five years alone.

Doctors will explain to you that it is a combination of the genes that you got from your parents and stress. But they said the same about cancer as well so we need to think about the reasons that it might be happening so fast and how to slow it down.

It seems that the increase of diabetes might very well be the billions of dollars that are invested in the medications that people take every day. The pharmaceutical industry has been doing ongoing research on diabetes for nearly 50 years in trying to find a way to cure it.

Although there is no scientifically proven cure that has been tested conclusively there are now plenty of ex diabetics that have managed to get themselves off tablets and/or insulin permanently. The question is how do they do that or is it specific to each individual and that some can be cured and not others.

The truth is that diabetes can be cured if you are prepared to change your lifestyle and that does not just mean stopping to eat junk food. Although it has now been proven conclusively that junk foods are a major cause of diabetes and the refined sugar causes your pancreas to over react in what is known as reactive hypoglycemia.

If there is one thing that all ex diabetics have in common it is the fact that they all changed the amount of acid that they caused in their system by changing the type of foods that they eat. There is a way that you can change your acid in your blood to alkaline and it is without a doubt the first step in taking control of your diabetes.

There are certain foods that over produce acid in your system and this acid causes your body to get stressed and destroy itself in what is called an over reactive auto-immune system. This is something that can be changed permanently just by changing your eating habits.

The first step is to lose weight if you are over-weight and the best way to do that is by eating more often. Not more, just more often and obviously eating the correct foods is going to make a radical difference on the amount of acid that is floating around your system.

If you are a diabetic and you would like to get help then all you need to do is get the correct information and act on it once you have it. The Internet is a great place to get this information and it will actually cost you nothing as you can receive a free eBook on exactly how to start this process.

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