How To Achieve That FreshLook One Day Look With Contacts

June 8, 2012 0 Comments

Sometimes all it takes is a small change to give someone a whole new look. Exchanging one’s eyeglasses for colored contact lenses such as FreshLook One Day or other lenses can make a huge difference; not only in one’s appearance, but also in how one sees the world. About the size of a dime, colored contact lenses can give a person a fresh new appearance for a surprisingly small amount of money.

It can be exciting to change the color of one’s eyes temporarily. There are no limits to the various possibilities inherent in becoming a colored contact lens wearer. Friends will notice something is new and better looking right away, but depending on the wearer’s choices, the change may be hard for them to pinpoint. All they will know is that their friend looks better. They can almost be thought of as jewelry to be worn as desired, for all kinds of occasions.

The key to good looking colored contact lenses is purchasing realistic looking ones that can change a person’s eye color in ways that look completely natural. Ideally, the manufacturers who make the best lenses for this purpose use a 3-in-one technology that imparts color changes in a person’s eyes that no one can guess is actually achieved by wearing contact lenses. For example, contacts that have a charcoal colored outer ring of color can duplicate the natural outer ring of the human iris. The second layer should be the primary ring of color that the wearer would like his or her eye color to be. Finally, the better-colored contact lenses have a starburst pattern in the center that again, looks like the natural eye, only better and with more sparkle. One can choose either a dramatic change or a slight, subtle look. Either way, the transformation can be stunning.

There is no one answer to what the “right” color is when choosing contact lens colors. The best solution depends upon what the wearer wishes to achieve. If one wishes for a dramatic look, he or she should choose contacts that are the compliment to their natural hair color and skin tones. A more subtle look can be achieved by selecting lenses that are either the same color or a slightly different color than the wearer’s own natural eye color. Either way, colored contacts can give a completely new look. With the latter choice, friends may notice that something is different, but they may not be able to identify exactly what it is. This is the advantage of going with lenses that recreate the look of the natural eye.

Choosing a contact lens color that is closest to one’s own color is a great way to add richness and depth to the wearer’s eyes. However, changing colors to something completely different can also be fun. The ideal look-transforming contact lens is the one that is designed to actually enhance the color of a person’s eyes. If one would like his or her eyes to stand out and be noticed, a color in the green range is often a good choice.

Another way to draw attention to the eyes is to match one’s contact lens color to a color that is contained in the wearer’s wardrobe. This is easy to achieve with today’s affordable contacts. One can order a variety of colors and change his or her appearance every day.

People who have good vision and who do not wear glasses or contacts can still order colored contact lenses for cosmetic purposes. It is advisable that they first see their optometrists for an eye exam and that they be properly measured for a correct fit. Their eye doctors should check them after they have received their lenses. The doctor can also advise them on how to care for their lenses to help avoid eye infections and can also on how to insert and remove them properly.

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