Exploring The Main Causes of Urticaria That Have Been Documented In Medical Literature

July 30, 2015 0 Comments

By Ryan Andrews

Medical literature have quite a number of entries devoted to the study of urticaria and what causes it. We’ll try to discuss these causes further. In some of the cases, we will also be sinking deeper and trying to understand how the various things bring about urticaria. When you say you are suffering from the medical condition known as urticaria, it is simply you experiencing ‘hives’. Although it is a type of skin rash, it is itchy and is distinguished by the presence of a bump on the surface of the skin. Red and itchy, one can easily pick these skin rashes out from the skin because of their raised nature.

To make things easier for us, there are two major classifications of the major causes of urticaria. The first category is composed of those causes that are of an allergic nature. And in the second category, we have those that can’t be described as allergic reactions.

For some people, contracting urticaria is as easy as simply being in one place where exposure to certain substances is high. Those are the cases where urticaria is said to be presenting due to allergic causes. There are, for instance, some people who will develop urticaria upon using certain medications. Drug-induced urticaria is not unheard of; in fact, they are quite common. Simple pain relievers and other, more potent, diabetes medications are quite known for actually bringing about urticaria for some patients. Keep in mind the fact that there are actually medications or prescription drugs that are known to have urticaria as a side effect. But it turns out that these medications are for life-threatening health conditions so they can’t be stopped without risking one’s health. Thus, it turns out to be better to have the patients deal with the medications’ side effects (including the urticaria in question) rather than the riskier medical conditions they manage.

Let us now look into the second classification of urticaria causes. We all know that allergic reactions and allergies are not the only reason why urticaria develops. There are, for instance, some people who have been known to develop urticaria whenever their skin gets scratched. We have even some people who exhibit urticaria whenever their skin gets firmly stroked. Along these lines, we have yet another group of people: those who exhibit signs of urticaria upon having their skins rubbed.

As far as non-allergic causes go, rough pressure or firm stroking of the skin is not the only cause of urticaria appearing in some people. For some people, they can experience urticaria when they are subjected to extreme temperatures. We can easily separate them into two categories: cold-induced urticaria and heat-induced urticaria. There is a rare form of urticaria: that which manifests when the people predisposed to it are exposed to water. For this problem, they can simply buy many of the available creams in the market that are specifically developed for just that purpose. On the other extreme, being exposed to the heat of the sun is also one sure way for people to develop urticaria. This exact condition goes by the name ‘solar urticaria’.

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