Fighting Abuse From Pain-Killers

July 8, 2012 0 Comments

There are many things one should know about the drug Vicodin. This may seem harmless and helpful for treating pain but it can cause serious addiction in just a matter of time. An individual may not be aware that he or she is starting an addiction with this particular drug. The effects and symptoms from vicodin can be very damaging to someone abusing it. This medicine is given by doctors for those experiencing pain from surgery or trauma. This works well in alleviating the discomfort but can easily make a person dependent to it.

Vicodin is a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen, both known as pain relievers. This drug is also commonly abused by some people. Dependence to this drug can form different kinds of symptoms wherein you can recognize that and addiction is already happening. The addict can experience physical discomfort like insonmia, muscle pains or night sweats specially when the drug is not taken. This may lead them to use the drug in larger doses. Prolong use can lead to severe problems in the liver and respiratory complications.

Warning signs when the medication is taken should not be ignored. When these first symptoms appear, this simply means that a problem is starting to develop. As the addiction prolongs, behavioral or psychological problems also shows. Conduct issues like mood swings, anxiety and agitation are obvious in addicts. They may display this kind of action to any person even their family members or loved ones. It’s hard for an addict to understand his or her behavior because the only important thing in their minds is being able to acquire more of the drug to satisfy themselves. They’re in denial that they are addicts making it difficult for them to let go of the drug not unless someone would help and intervene.

Because many issues arise when Vicodine is being abused, therapy centers should be considered to help these individuals stop the addiction. As a concerned family member or friend, it’s right for you to help a drug addict recover from the pains of Vicodin abuse. You need to understand the treatment and effects from vicodin and seek professional help immediately. The longer this medication is abused, the more difficult it’ll be for the individual to get out of it and can possibly bring more harm to themselves.

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