Good Or Bad Addiction: What Could Be Your Choice?

July 8, 2012 0 Comments

Have you been obsessed with something in any aspect of your lifetime? Chances are, you may have. Everyone experiences that transition phase in life. Now, to help keep things short, obsessions can both be good as well as bad. For example, being addicted to having your homework completed on time is a pretty good addiction. This keeps your marks high and your parents from pulling their head of hair off out of frustration. But if you’re addicted to something like having a day-to-day habit of visiting the internet café to spend all your bucks there, then that’s quite a bad addiction.

Probably the most common and widespread addictions in society today is drug addiction or drug abuse. Drugs not just destroy your life but the lives of people around you likewise. Think about the whole picture as a group of interconnected gears. As soon as you get into a bad habit, the gears start to spin and because of them being interconnected, the other gears begin to spin as well. That is, the gears of your relatives, friends, innocent bystanders and just about everyone else. Moreover, recovery from addiction is a very difficult course of action to go through.

To offer you a sneak preview of what you’ll end up with for getting obsessed with drugs, let’s have a rundown of all the facts that show getting enslaved by drugs ain’t something you’d would like to get addicted to. Let’s start with the “safer” obsessions. Alcohol, the chemical compound that is in beers, vodkas, and rums might seem quite undamaging. After all, you drink it one day and the next day, it’s all gone. Then it’s a whole brand new day for you. For those of you with that mentality, better listen up carefully. Alcohol disrupts your brain cells, ultimately causing bad coordination, poor judgment, altered vision, memory drops and even mental blackouts. It’s a contributing variable in more than 75 percent of all date rapes!

Additionally, alcohol makes us to perform silly things. Think about, you just got spent in one fraternity party and you then go out with your partner, would you wish to find yourself vomiting on your girl’s beloved pair of jeans, or worst of all, throwing up on her face? Definitely, that’s going to get you on the world’s list of forever alone folks in no time. Another kind of dependency, tobacco smoking does quite some harm, enough to keep coffin suppliers in business for a long period. Tobacco contains nicotine, a strongly addictive compound that makes it so hard for you to quit smoking. Electric tobacco ain’t any better too. Smokeless cigarette users are 50 times more prone to acquire oral cancer than nonusers. If you feel smoking is sexy, then you’d surely find bad breath, stinky hair, yellow fingers, and constant coughing sexy too, don’t you? The listing just goes on and on and on, bottomline is, drugs won’t do you even the slightest hint of good, all it does is ruin the lives of people, just like you. That is the reason why, there’s an unending pursuit of alcohol addiction treatment.

In conclusion, it merely requires a single misstep, that very first try, after that, you’ve got an uphill struggle ahead of you, a large chunk of your life is likely to be trying to get away from that obsession. Don’t use up your life on things like substance abuse. Life’s way too short for that, you have the freewill to select what you want your life to be and that’s realized by making the right choices right now. Thus, start making the right choices, say goodbye to drug abuse.

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