Five Keys to Weight Loss for Women

June 14, 2012 0 Comments

Losing weight is never easy for women, but it can be done. Even if you are a size 16, you can drop to a size 8 or even a size 2 with the right strategy. Women of all ages can lose weight with the right diet and exercise. It is all about how you live your life and even if you are going through menopause, you can lose weight.

There is one thing that women dread, as they get older, and that is the possibility of gaining weight and ending up with a muffin top. This, of course, is when there is enough extra weight around your midsection that it spills out over your waistline. It is most common in older women because as you get older and go through menopause, you will find that your body stores your excess weight in your midsection instead of your thighs and buttock.

The Five Things Every Woman Can do to Lose Weight

1. Exercise

The most proactive thing you can do to help your body lose weight is exercise. This is the easiest way to start dropping pounds. If you don’t currently exercise and you add in a few hours of good aerobic exercise (jogging, swimming, water aerobics, aerobics classes, spinning class, etc.), you will start to see your weight change.

With exercise, you can burn off the extra calories your body would normally store and you don’t necessarily have to make changes to your diet to lose weight. Of course, if you monitor what goes in, then what goes out (exercise) will be more productive and you will lose more weight in a shorter amount of time.

2. Diet

Diet is a given whenever trying to lose weight and some women can simply make the necessary dietary changes and start dropping weight in a hurry. If you eat junk food in large quantities, you have to eliminate the majority of it. Choose a diet that fits well with what you like, but make sure it’s mainly natural foods and very healthy.

You still need to get the calories necessary to support your body, but you don’t want to get them from bad sources. If you are currently or about to start going through menopause, you can eliminate around 500 calories from your diet. You don’t need these anymore since you won’t need to support your reproductive system.

3. The Cheat Meal

We are all human and with our busy lives, it can be very difficult to stick to a strict diet that we know will help use with weight loss. Women can use what we call a cheat meal to help out. One meal a week can be anything you want. This helps if you are out with friends or if you want to go out on a date with your husband or for any other function that involves food that is not on your diet.

4. Exercise in Small Doses

Another trick you can use, but with exercise this time, is to make sure you do something every day. Even if it is as simple as going for a 15-minute walk, it will make a difference. Of course, you want to set a regular exercise routine and really make sure you stick to it, but on that odd day where you just don’t have time or really are not motivated, a short walk or any type of exercise for even just 15 minutes will help you reach your weight loss goals.

5. Active living

Especially for women going through menopause, active living will make a huge difference. Sitting in front of the TV doesn’t help you lose weight, but living an active lifestyle will. Join groups and activities, get yourself up and do something. You can even monitor you days to see how active you are with a pedometer. If you are not taking a minimum of 10,000 steps a day, you are not living an active enough lifestyle.

Use these tips along with your own common sense to help you lose the excess weight you want gone. Even if it is just the last stubborn ten pounds, you can do it and any woman can lose weight by exercising more and sticking to a better diet. Whether you are young or old, you can lose the weight, if you make a commitment to yourself.

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