German Volume Training

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German volume training (GVT) is something that any weight-trainer/bodybuilder can use to break through that dreaded plateau that we are all so familiar with. It is a simple method that uses 100 reps per body part by doing 10 sets each of 10 reps.

It is not necessary to get to the point of failure or go past the point of failure like all other high intensity workouts. But the point is that you will achieve high intensity very quickly as you will not be resting more than a maximum of 90 seconds between sets.

Many people call the German Volume Training the slump-buster because it will do just that as it will wake up any rut that you might have gotten into with your training. Not seeing muscle gains, and need a dramatic change, look no further. Consider your muscle building slump to be over when you do the GVT method.

You will only be doing one exercise per body-part but you will be doing 10 sets of 10 reps each which you should be weary of selecting the weight correctly. This is a very important factor because you want to achieve 10 reps and not fail at 8 or 9 reps.

The advice is that you should select a weight that is around 50% to 60% of your maximum weight. This simply means that if you can do a 300 pound squat for example that you would do 10 reps with around 180 pounds or less. You will find that your endurance will improve as you stick with it.

Because you will find that when you first start with the GVT program that you will simple fail with a weight that you have selected before you reach ten reps. Obviously it means you need to go a little lighter but not too light as you want to still reach ten reps but not be able to do 11 reps.

You will find that your cardio-vascular system will adapt quickly and your endurance to maintain the intensity of the workout will increase fast. But you will be able to gain good quality muscle fast and break through any plateau that you might have reached and put on ten pounds of muscle in less than six weeks.

Be careful when you start because when you do the first set or the second set you will think that you have chosen a weight that is too light but don’t change it. Simply because you will be completely exhausted by the time you get to sets 8, 9 and 10.

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