How Did Susan Do It?

June 10, 2012 0 Comments

By Gordon Zwillenberg

As a housewife and mother, Susan has her day booked. Between PTA, Soccer Practice, Girls Scouts, Cub Scouts and everything else, Susan is very busy. With two teenagers in the house, this family is very active.

Susan is constantly eating, all day long. The easier to make or get, the better the food is. Susan consumes donuts for breakfast and French fries for lunch. For dinner, pizza is prompt and fast.

Susan has noticed her weight go up every year. Her doctor has noticed. Susan needs to lose 100 lbs.

What is Susan Wanting?

Susan does not want to starve the weight off. Fasting to lose weight all the time seems to backfire. The weight comes back when the diet is over.

As with many people, Susan does not want to do without the good foods. She likes noodles, beef and pizza. Most of all, Susan needs to see results right away.

What about the Diet Solution?

With the Diet Solution, you may feed on bigger quantities of healthy foods. You could also have three meals and two snacks. Spread throughout the day, you can consume good foods every two to three hours. You are not at all hungry.

With the Diet Solution, you will:

1. Receive a lifestyle change. You will look and feel better, when you eat good foods. People will observe the change.

2. Eat healthy and feel great. You will be more active and able to handle your day better. Those little things won’t be upsetting to you.

3. Lose the weight and keep it off for good. This is not a yo-yo diet. It’s a new way of life that will keep you looking great.

With the Diet Solution, you will get results. Your friends and family will notice!

What Do You Get?

In addition to the Diet Solution Program Manual, you get:

1. The Quick Start Guide, so you can start losing weight and seeing results, right away. Your friends and family will be happy for you.

2. The Food Shopping Guide. So, you know what to buy. You could plan your meals and make one to two shopping trips per week.

3. The Recipe Guide – Recipes, just for you, that you can use for yourself or to share with the rest of the family. This healthy food is so good; you may not want to share.

With the Diet Solution, you can plan your meals for the week. You might feed on healthy foods, everyday, and lose weight.

What about the Guarantee?

The Diet Solution comes with a sixty day Money Back Guarantee. If the Diet Solution is not working for you, you receive your money back – no questions asked. What have you got to lose?

How Can This Program Be Geared For You?

Everyone loses weight at a different pace. A big man has different needs than a smaller sized lady. To accommodate this, the Metabolic Typing Test is offered.

With the Metabolic Typing Test, you can determine how many calories you need per day. This encompasses your resting and active calorie intake. Once you are familiar with, how many calories you consume, you could plan your meals, accordingly.

How Is Susan Doing?

Susan is still a busy housewife. She is now eating healthy with great foods. Susan is never hungry long; she takes her snacks with her everyday.

The transformation is noticeable. Susan lost twenty lbs. in three months. It’s a healthy start to dieting and a new way of life.

You Can Do It, Too!

You can lose the weight for good! You can eat healthy food and more of it. Your friends will notice.

Good Luck!

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