Signs Of Amphetamine Abuse

June 11, 2012 0 Comments

Amphetamine abuse , and prescription drug addiction in general, is a habit that costs all Americans billions of dollars every year. This drug is usually used by doctors to treat cases of weight loss, narcolepsy, and appetite loss, hyperactivity, and more. Stimulants were used in the past as the main ingredient in asthma inhalers, but its usage ceased soon after due to its intoxicating effects.This is a drug that usually alters the normal functioning of the central nervous system, which means that dependence towards it will occur with long-term use.

Once the body has become addicted to amphetamines, tolerance also develops, which means that the dosage will have to be raised in order for the same results as before to be achieved.This is a drug that has a high potential of being abused since it is extremely addictive. Most of the individuals who typically abuse this drug begin slowly by altering the prescription by increasing dosage so that they may be able to experience a more elevated euphoric feeling. Actually, patients who change the prescription in any way (whether consciously or not) usually misuse the drug.

Research has also allowed physicians to establish the fact that that most of the amphetamine abuse cases that are reported usually involve individuals who are stressed and depressed. In addition to this, they abuse this substance with other illegal ones so that they may be able to supplement the ‘high’ received. This is usually dangerous and can lead to overdosing, and in some cases, may even prove fatal.Amphetamines are usually available over the counter and are available in the form of a pill, but at other times, they are usually injected.

People who abuse this drug usually use other unorthodox means of taking the drug; hence, they end up experiencing very severe side effects. The side effects of amphetamine abuse are numerous, but the main ones include irritability, hallucinations, confusion, sleep deprivation, restlessness, stomach aches, heart attacks, irregular heartbeats and at times, even death.Once the body has become used to the amphetamine, you cannot stop using it suddenly because this will trigger the withdrawal symptoms.

The withdrawal symptoms of amphetamine abuse are quite serious and people who have been abusing the drug for longer are usually the ones who suffer the most from them.This is due to the fact that the body will begin displaying these signs once the administration of the regular dosage has been interrupted. Some of the most common withdrawal symptoms of this drug include memory loss, oversleeping, paranoia, irritability, depression, and confusion.It is important to be more aware of these signs because this is information that can come in handy when you want to identify a case of amphetamine abuse. It is important to understand that drug abusers usually lie and scheme so that they may be able to conceal their behavior, so it is advisable to keep a keen eye for the signs in case it is a loved one.

Treatment and help is available, as most communities offer multiple rehab and drug treatment center options.

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