How The Fertility Awareness Method Works

June 26, 2012 0 Comments

By Louise Collins

As a woman, it is important to be aware about fertility. Fertility awareness is an effective way of preventing pregnancy by knowing which days are fertile and which are not. There are specific signs that will help you know if you are fertile or not. Basically, a woman is fertile for about a fourth of the monthly cycle. Aside from helping you prevent pregnancy, fertility awareness will help you understand yourself better and how your reproductive system works.

The specific signs that can tell a lot about your fertility are morning temperature, cervical fluid and cervix position. The fertility awareness uses these signs to tell whether a woman is likely to get pregnant or not. Knowing fertile days will let you know if you are safe to have intercourse or when you’re not safe to do it because you’re likely to get pregnant. There is nothing to worry about this way because the success rate of this method is 93%.

Before your ovulation stage, your temperature should be low during the mornings and the cervical fluid is wet and afterwards dries up. The cervical fluid is like the egg white that the cervix releases. The cervix usually at this time is soft and it opens. During ovulation stage, the body temperature is high for about twelve to sixteen days. The cervical fluid is dry already. At this point, the cervix is closed and firm.

It’s important to understand the fertility of a woman. The premenstrual symptoms become predictable if you understand well your fertility cycle. This knowledge is practical and it will benefit your knowledge about your body. It also avoid unlikely situations like getting pregnant not at the right time.

However, this method does not protect you from any sexually transmitted diseases, especially if you are sexually active. It also requires diligence in your part because you have to track your fertility signs daily. Also, you need to become disciplined during your fertile days because if you’re not careful, you will most likely get pregnant.

Talking to a doctor will help you understand this method better. At least with consultation, you will be sure that you will do the process correctly. The doctor will teach you to do it on your own. This process is not that costly although it requires you to buy some tools such as ovulation detection kit and a thermometer. These items are not expensive and are accessible in most pharmacies.

Louise Collins writes articles providing you with advice on getting pregnant even when you have fertility issues. Using the fertility awareness method can help you conceive read more about this topic here.

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