How to Have a Great Summer!

July 31, 2012 0 Comments

By Gordon Zwillenberg

School’s out and summer is here. Its ten weeks away from classes, schoolwork and teachers. It is fun time to get away; but, what can kids do this summer?

What Is Planned For Kids?

You can do a lot and have a great summer. Here are some things that you can look at. They include:

1. Summer day camp. Day Camps keep your kids busy with baseball, basketball, swimming, hiking, crafts, etc. Some camps are all summer, while some are just for two weeks.

2. Read A Book. Many libraries have summer reading programs. If you read so many books, you get an award. Reading is fun and you might gain knowledge of a lot.

3. Volunteer. Many organizations are looking for kids to help out. This might encompass:

a) Zoo – You start to work with animals,

b) Museum – You learn a lot about history both worldwide and local.

c) Hospital – You could be a Candy Striper to help out the patients and their families, and

d) Nursing home – You can help the staff and make an elderly person happy.

There’s more than enough to do for the summer. You could want to arrange those activities in the spring.

What about Sports?

You could manage and play sports this summer. The sports you can get involved with include:

1. Swimming – Your town may have a pool that is open to the public. You can go there to swim for the day or you can obtain swimming lessons. Either way, it’s a great way to cool down from the summer heat and to meet other kids and have fun,

2. Joining A League – Their may be leagues forming in your age group. The sports consist of Basketball, Baseball or Little League, Girls Softball or Soccer. You can meet other kids and have fun playing the game,

3. Bowling – There may also be a summer league forming in your age group. Bowling is a great afternoon of fun. You may have bowling lanes in your town, and

4. Fishing – The one sport, where you could carry home dinner. You can fish off a dock or from a boat. Summer Fishing Tournaments are fun and you might win some prize money. Kids learn to be patient when trying to catch the big one.

What about the Movies?

Summer is a great time to see movies. More kids’ movies are coming out. Even the superheroes are taking over the screen. With so much variety, there is bound to be a movie that you enjoy.

Many cinemas have a Kids’ Movie Day, where kids can get in for one dollar. You also get a discount for weekday-afternoon shows. Check with your local cinema, to view what is available.

What Can You Do At Home?

1. Plan an adventure. Pick and schedule a day to get what you would like. Make it decent, you could get your wish.

2. Maintain a scrapbook on what you did this summer. You may keep some mementos (ticket stubs), pictures, and drawings on what you did.

3. You might camp in your backyard and include a pajama party. Invite all your friends for the large event. You might barbeque hot dogs and tell some ghost stories at night. It’s a fun time for everybody.

You May Do It!

There is a lot more that you can do. Kids can have a fun summer, too!

Have a Great Summer!

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