How to Work The Mediterranean Diet

July 11, 2012 0 Comments

By Gordon Zwillenberg

The Mediterranean Diet is the most talked about diet. Doctors talk about the diet for its health benefits. It’s an excellent way to lose weight. So, what is the Mediterranean Diet?

Where Does The Mediterranean Diet Originate From?

The term “Mediterranean Diet” comes from a region that is on the Mediterranean Sea. The research established that most people there live to over one hundred years old, with very few heart attacks and heart disease. Their healthy eating approach encompasses olive oil and red wine.

What Are The Benefits?

There are many health benefits to the Mediterranean Diet. They encompass:

1. Weight Loss – This is one of the best diets for weight loss. The Mediterranean Diet is not a commercial diet; instead, it’s a healthy eating approach. Your weight loss results can last a long time.

2. Prevents Heart Disease – With the diet, you are limiting your intake of animal fat and consuming more of the good fats from plants and olive oil. This healthy eating approach could prevent heart disease; reduce high blood pressure and lower high cholesterol levels.

3. Prevents Many Diseases. By cutting back on processed foods, fried foods and deli meat, the Mediterranean Diet is a natural, healthy eating approach. The diet is known for preventing cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. You might avoid depression and diabetes. You can also reduce the risk of blindness and of getting asthma.

What Does The Diet Include?

The Mediterranean Diet includes the following:

1. Exercise – You need to exercise at least three times a week for weight loss. First, try walking around the block; and then, add to your walk and start running. You are becoming fit!

2. Supply plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and nuts to your diet. They are all packed with vitamins and nutrients and they do not have animal fat.

3. Use Olive Oil and Canola Oil which replaces butter and the animal fat. Olive Oil can also help to reduce cholesterol and heart disease.

4. Make Use Of Herbs and Spices instead of salt. A high salt intake is a major cause of high blood pressure that could result in heart disease.

5. Reduce your Red Meat eating to two to three times a month. Red Meat contains a lot of calories and fat and will hinder weight loss.

6. Use Fish and Chicken twice a week. You need some protein, and

7. Use red wine in moderation. In Europe, red wine is served at almost every meal. For this diet, drinking red wine is optional.

How Should You Start Your Diet?

With the Mediterranean Diet, you may need to get some recipes. Check the internet and the book stores for some recipes. Be aware, that most of the proteins and fats will be coming from plants, rather than animal by-products. This is a health benefit.

Start out small. It will take time to get adapted to the transition. Attempt to do a little more each week; until, you are doing the full diet.

What about a Diet for You?

You could develop this weight loss program for your needs. Remember, it may be your new way of life. You might be the only one dieting in your family. You could modify the meals to feed your entire family.

You need to plan your meals for the week. Attempt to go food shopping, once or twice a week. You will save money, if you are prepared.

You Can Do It!

With all the health benefits, the Mediterranean Diet is a diet you have to consider. You might lose the body fat and the weight. You can also develop good eating habits and a new healthy eating approach.

Good Luck with Your Diet!

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