How You Can Eliminate Tonsil Stones

July 13, 2012 0 Comments

Tonsil stones are also known as tonsilloliths. They’re really hard globs that are yellowish in color and are formed as a result of debris getting lodged in the tonsillar crypts. These crypts are like pockets in the tonsils. Mucus which comes from post nasal drip combines with a variety of types of bacteria, especially anaerobic bacteria, and food particles in these crypts. Tonsil stones also trigger frequent bouts of tonsillitis and sore throat that is persistent and are also a cause of bad breath.Tiny stones may be barely noticed and are typically expelled through coughing or swallowing. Stones which are large in size could result in irritation. Listed here are some simple strategies on how to remove tonsil stones.

Since we are now aware of what tonsil stones are and how they may be formed, it is important also to understand how to eliminate them. To start with, the easiest technique is by curling your tongue backwards and rubbing it against your tonsils quite a few times. Should you be unable to rub the stones with your tongue, you could attempt leaning your head on your shoulders and at the same time try lifting your tongue until it reaches the roof of your mouth while swallowing.

Another tip on the way to remove them is to poke and scrape them out using a fingernail. Having said that, this process has disadvantages. Firstly it can be unhygienic and you increase chances of scratching your tonsils. You’re advised to wash your hands thoroughly should you have to use this process.

Another popular process used for removing tonsil stones is by pressing a moistened cotton swab or even a finger against the base of your tonsil and pushing upwards to squeeze all of them out. Moistening the cotton swab applying water prevents sticking of cotton strands to your tonsil. The disadvantage of doing this is stimulation of your gag reflex, and this is usually prevented by first covering your tonsils by making use of anesthetic throat sprays that are accessible in the marketplace.

Employing irrigating devices, for example, a waterpik irrigator can also be another approach you could try. This device is accurate and high tech. If you have one, use the tongue attachment to guide a spray into the crypt that’s experiencing tonsil stones. It’s advisable to work with these devices on their lowest pressure setting considering the fact that if a spray is particularly strong, it can tear through a tonsil tissue effortlessly.

Drinking many glasses of sugar free carbonated drinks everyday, for instance, soda water also helps in removing tonsil stones. One may also gargle day-to-day making use of a water solution and vinegar. If all of the above mentioned techniques fail, one can pay a visit to an ear, nose and throat specialist.

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