Important Facts To Remember Before Purchase Fat Burners

July 30, 2012 0 Comments

By Gemini V Manison

Diet pills are medications used to control and maintain ideal weight. In other words, diet pills are engineered to help overweight or obese people lose weight especially when only diet and exercise are insufficient or when rapid results are desired. However, the fact is that diet pills are not meant for everyone!

Avoid diet pills if you have cardio related problems:

People experiencing blood pressure complications and heart disease should not use the pills. This is because the pills are known to increase the heart rate of the individual. Increased heart rate for these people may lead to stroke, heart attack or even heart failure. People with blood pressure may also experience high risk of cardiovascular complications.

Diet pills are not meant for minors:

Children that are under the age of 18 years should not be introduced to the pills. This is since the pills reduce the availability of important nutrients demanded for growth and development. These growing children also require high amount of calories important for growth. Certain unhealthy ingredients in the pills, such as caffeine, should also not be introduced to the underage through the pills.

If you have thyroid problem, say no to slimming pills:

People suffering from thyroid disease may also experience an overactive thyroid due to the pills. Others who should avoid diet pills include pregnant women, people with certain allergies, the mentally ill and those that are on anti-seizure medication. Alternative ways of reducing excess weight such as physical exercise is recommended.

Avoid weight loss supplements during pregnancy:

Pregnancy is usually associated with weight gain. Some women are not comfortable with this natural process and desire to cut the added weight. In the desire to keep their body weight and shape in check, they end up putting their health and that of the unborn baby at great risk. The potential harm that may be faced by taking diet pills during pregnancy is certainly not worth the risk.

Diet pills are known to have side effects that increase the heart rate and blood pressure of their users. The effect of having an accelerated heart rate in a pregnant woman is to decrease the amount of blood passing through the placenta. This reduces the amount of nutrients getting to the baby. A baby having lower than the normal birth weight may result.

The growing baby in the womb requires extra nutrients and calories. These are for promoting the child growth and development. Diet pills that decrease the intake of these important nutrients and reduce the amount of calories available would hinder the normal development of the child.

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