Wicking Pajamas Aid Restful Sweat-Free Sleep

July 30, 2012 0 Comments

Restful sleep is but a memory for those who fail to get and stay comfortable. The best sleep occurs in an environment cool enough to make staying under the blankets feel delicious. Wicking pajamas are designed to provide some relief from night sweating. Before purchasing special pajamas, consider the following list of possible causes for night sweating:

-Ambient room temperature.


-Exercising close to bedtime.

Uncomfortably Hot Sleeping Space

Some homes have rooms that never reflect the thermostat reading. If the master bedroom is one of those hot places, the temperature may be the root of the problem. The solution is to cool the room at bedtime.

Energy costs dictate the thermostat setting in most homes. A home in the winter feels comfortable in the living room and other gathering areas when the system is set at 73 degrees Fahrenheit; however, a short time after going to bed occupants of the master bedroom are “on” instead of “under” the blankets. In this situation, try one or more of the following until something works:

-Fewer blankets.

-Oscillating fans.

-Window air conditioner.

In situations where two partners sleep in the same bed, there may be too many blankets. Try removing some of them. Using one light comforter is ideal.

Try an oscillating fan. If the fan creates a more pleasing environment, it is a good idea to install a ceiling fan. Experiment until both partners agree on the setting.

A window air conditioning unit is the most efficient cooling system. One advantage is that it is only in use when someone is sleeping. The sound of the fan makes wonderful white noise.

Allowing the Body to Process Food and Drink

Eating within two hours of going to bed is not a good idea. Foods and beverages containing fat, sugar, caffeine, or alcohol are not a good idea within three hours of bedtime. The more time the body has for digestion while still awake the better.

Exercise or Strenuous Activity Late in the Day

Leaving the mowing for a day off from work is better than having an accelerated heart rate after the evening meal. Exercise is best done early. The post workout body is in a fat-burning mode for a couple of hours or longer afterwards; this means more perspiration.

Special Pajamas

If nothing else helps it may be time to resort to sleepwear created with night sweats in mind. Wicking pajamas draw moisture from the body of the wearer; moisture goes through the pajamas and into the air. This means no more getting up to change in the night wishing the bed had a dry spot to sleep on. There are sheets made of wicking material. Some people find they need a wicking pillow case rather than sheets. Although the material is not natural, it is light and feels similar to cotton.

You are at your best when you have the advantage of a full night’s rest. There is no need to live with the misery of night sweats. Find out what it takes to solve the problem, and give yourself a break.

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