Is It Imperative To Manage Double Diagnosis Together

August 19, 2012 0 Comments

Those who are struggling with both substance abuse and a mental issue face a lot of issues. Often, mental health services are not prepared to handle these clients. What usually happens is that both of the issues are not determined at the same time. But when they are both recognized, the sufferer is likely to reject treatment because of the intricacies of his disorder.

In the past, double diagnosis was not completely recognized but there are some programs that attempted to deal with it. Today, drugs and alcohol dependence professionals agree, in general, that about 50% of people who have mental health complications may also suffer from substance abuse. Cocaine, cannabis and alcohol are the substances that are commonly over used. People may also abuse prescription medications like sleeping pills and tranquilizers. The tendency of substance abuse is common among males and individuals who are aged 18 to 44. People who are going through mental issues are likely to abuse substances without the knowledge of their family.

Every treatment aspect of individuals who are mentally ill can be impacted by drug and alcohol abuse. First of all, it can be difficult to convince them to endure a treatment procedure. It is also not easy to conduct a diagnosis because it takes time to uncover the effects of both psychological illness and substance abuse which tend to interact with each other. Mentally ill people may not be easily accommodated at home or not tolerated in most rehab centers. Because of this, they tend to lose support systems and often go through hospitalizations and relapse. People who have dual diagnosis tend to be violent. In fact, they may have suicide attempts and can cause domestic violence.

In terms of drugs and alcohol treatment options as well as the treatment for double diagnosis patients, most service systems are not well-designed. Usually, a location that has treatment services for mentally ill individuals may not have services for those who are experiencing drug and alcohol abuse. But patients who are able to find a dual diagnosis treatment clinic will be supervised by professionals who will treat both of their conditions simultaneously. According to most professionals, dual diagnosis patients can only attain recovery when both of their disorders are treated at the same time.

Integrated treatment for dual diagnosis includes counseling and behavioral therapy. The patient will need the continuous support of his family and friends because these are the people who will motivate him to continue his treatment until his problems are totally gone.

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