Learn How To Prevent Sedative Addiction

July 17, 2012 0 Comments

Today’s world has given us a solution to almost all of health’s problems. Medication for every illness is made available and/or is under study to benefit man and lengthen life. Over the years of research, targeted results have been met with good results. Success does not absolutely mean that there are no side-effects to medication. It is just that the benefits are more than that of the disadvantages. Discovery in medical science has reached greater heights over the years and many have been grateful recipients to its discoveries.

Sedatives or tranquilizers are medications used to bring out a calm and subdued behavior for people suffering from anxiety disorders and irritations. It controls muscle spasms due to neurological diseases, epilepsy, delirium, and hallucinations resulting from alcohol addiction withdrawal. This medication is also useful in pre-operative procedures before introduction of anesthesia especially to children and hard to control patients. This type of medication comes in many forms. Intravenous, rectal, and oral forms are available in the market today.

Diazepam is a known sedative that is widely branded as valium. Its chemical name is benzodiazepine which targets GABA receptors in the brain. This leads to the release of gamma amino butyric acid in the brain controlling nerve impulses from one cell nerve to another. Use of this drug must be prescribed by a physician for prolonged intake can lead to diazepam addiction. It’s very effective in reducing agitation and anxiety, initial effects will be felt within half an hour of intake.

Oral forms of this medication are usually used for short term treatment like insomnia, sleep-walking in children and night terrors or fear. Short term therapy can last between 1 to 4 weeks as prescribed by a doctor. Diazepam can also be used to cure long term disorders. Psychological disorders associated with bipolar and anxiety disorders make use of this medication to control agitation and rage. Other than these, it’s also used in controlling seizures due to epilepsy and convulsions caused by poisoning, tetanus and very high fevers.

The probability of diazepam addiction is relatively low based on studies but it is still possible. The extented use of the drug can lead to tolerance and greater carvings for larger doses are likely to occur. Prescription on dosage and time intervals for the use of this medicine should be followed to avoid abuse. It’s best that a close monitoring be done to patients who use this drug long term.

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