Oral Thrush In Children

July 18, 2012 0 Comments

By Erlinda Bartlett

Oral thrush is a disease that causes irritation around and in the mouth and is common in infants and children especially when they are one, or two years old. This disease is basically caused by fungus and generally vanishes on its own. It is caused by the over growing of yeast called Candida albicans which is present in our environment and mouth, and happens at moist, wet areas of mouth, such as lips, tongue and throat.

Oral thrush is identified by the cracked skin or white patches around corners of mouth, skin, lips, or inside mouth. Usually, oral thrush does not irritate children, but sometimes they do. The cause of Oral thrush is the week immune system in children and large intake of antibiotics. Diagnosis of oral thrush is visible but in some real cases, part of the scratch is taken out and sent to the laboratory for diagnosis.

Symptoms of oral thrush include the thick, white patches around child’s cheeks, gums, throat, and lips and sometimes on hips also. They become reddish when are washed and scrapping hard can even cause bleeding. These symptoms do not irritate children as they do not feel pain or any problem themselves. Symptoms are visible and children do not feel them. Although, some children do feel them and are not able to eat or feed properly as they get sore feeling when eat or suck. Same happens on hips, patches become reddish and children feel uncomfortable due to rashes as they become a little painful while sitting or walking.

Some serious symptoms are constant illness, difficulty in swallowing, high fever or no response to medication and when children start feeling pain in patches. Then you should see the doctor and get clear picture of the disease. If not treated, oral thrush may also spread on other parts of the body, such as lungs.

Curing Oral thrush is not always needed as they do not harm children at large but where medication is required; it can be cured by an anti-biotic, called nystatin. Creams are also applied on effected area four or five times a day or as prescribed by the doctor. For children suffering from Oral thrush on their hips, their diapers should be changed frequently and regularly. Anti-biotic creams are also applied to cure oral thrush. Breast feeding mother need to apply cream on their nipples so that their child does not get affected by it. Homeopathic treatment is also taken sometimes. The result of these medications is notable to cure oral thrush but if no improvement is observed, instant physician consultation is advised. Some home-treatment include the application of coconut oil on the affected areas of skin but they are not medically proven but are used by parents to cure oral thrush.

“Prevention is better than cure”, so one should use sterilized bottle to feed children. Teats should also be neat and clean and should not be shared among siblings. Although, oral thrush does not spread among children, care should be taken to stay away from it. A nursing mother should also take care so that child does not get affected by breast feeding.

Oral thrush is a disease that causes irritation around and in the mouth and is common in infants and children especially when they are one, or two years old for drug free remides and help visit thrush in children

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