Post-Pregnancy Workouts That Help With Weight Loss

June 30, 2012 0 Comments

By Paul Jones

When you first found out that you were going to have a baby your doctors first instructions were probably “start gaining weight.”

Gaining weight is something that is just a part of being pregnant. Eating for two makes it pretty easy to gain weight. Now that your baby is born, you probably don’t want to live with your weight gain. You want your figure to back to how it was before. You’ll be glad to know that we’ve compiled three things that you can do to get your weight back to it’s previous state after you have had your baby. Try any or all of them and you will be bound to get back into your old clothes very quickly!

You can learn some Latin dancing styles that offer a few weight loss benefits. Latin dancing enables you to feel sexier as you swing those hips, tap those feet and roll those shoulders as you burn calories. Online videos and workout dvd’s are a great way to learn a few dance moves even if you aren’t perfect at them. This can be extremely fun to workout this way and best of all you won’t even feel like you are working out at all. It’s a proven fact that if you enjoy the exercise you are doing you will stick with it longer, dancing is one of those exercises you will enjoy and stick with. Forearm plank breathing is another exercise you can use to lose pregnancy weight. Then, slowly lower yourself until your forearms are resting flat on the ground in front of you. Your body and legs now need to make a straight line. Now, inhale throught the nose and exhale out the mouth as you practice squeezing your abs and hold. Then, lower your chest to the floor and do pushups for thirty seconds. Repeat this three times and you’ll be well on your way to your pre-pregnancy weight. This will also strengthen your core, which will help your posture, and you’ll look much better, too.

Walking: Harvard commissioned a study in 2007 that proved that a half an hour of walking every day improves a woman’s likelihood of losing her post-pregnancy weight. The women who were participants in this study lost eleven pounds on average and most of them had reached their goals by the time their children had their first birthdays. Therefore, get outside and get some fresh air. It doesn’t matter when you choose to walk, but if you are going to take your son or daughter with you then you need to make sure that the weather outside is agreeable for your baby.

It is important to make sure you take lots of fluids with you. Taking a walk every day will help you drop pounds very quickly. These exercises, if you do them often enough, will give you fantastic results in just a few weeks. You can do them while your baby takes a nap and you can break up your workout to doing several exercises throughout the day instead of trying to do everything at once. Of course, if you do them all at once (or any exercises) for a 20-30 minute block of time three times a week will help you shed the pounds even faster. So do these exercises as often as you can, and keep it up, and you’ll be fitting into your pre-baby jeans before you even realize it.

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