Skin Treatment For Acne : Knowing Its Types And Benefits

June 29, 2012 0 Comments

Skin treatment for acne varies on the severity of the condition that has afflicted an individual. It continues to give hope to sufferers of this common ailment that affects the largest organ of the body. Topical, systematic and procedural are its subcategories through which concerned individuals find the relief from discomfort and embarrassment acne brings and achieve clear skin after.

It has been a common practice by many though to go straight to the drugstore to buy medication for blemishes. This, of course, is done for the intention of not having to pay the services of specialists. While this can work for some, solving the problem can just worsen it in the long run. Dermatologists and estheticians are significant practitioners you must consult regarding this issue. They can provide you pieces of advice on how to have clearer skin. More so, you can expect that the treatment they will perform on your skin is personalized as they assess your condition.

Of all the mentioned procedures, topical cure is the most common among them. This is believed to treat mild to moderate formations of pimples. As the term suggests, this method includes simple application of topical products like day and night creams, gels, facial washes, lotions, moisturizers and ointments. All of them work to dry the pimples on infected areas and unclog the pores to prevent further growth of pimples. They carry non-comedogenic qualities and contents like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. It must be understood though that their effectiveness rely on varied skin types.

For those who are unable to find their cure in topical remedies, there are systematic remedies that they can try. These remedies involve the intake of antibiotics and birth control pills and direct injection of certain substances. They are prescribed to eradicate the pimple-causing bacteria which could be plaguing the internal systems and bring back the balance in the hormonal levels within the body. Topical remedies and systematic remedies can be paired for speedier results of achieving clear skin.

Apart from the above-mentioned methods, there is another solution that caters for sufferers of grave pimple formations. This is famed as the procedural method which is usually done under the expertise of a dermatologist or a skin therapist. Comedo extractions, light chemical peels, microdermabrasion, phototherapy, and corticosteroid injections are a few of the processes patients go through to achieve clearer skin. They generally start with a simple extraction of the hardened sebum, blackheads and white heads that clog the pores. They are, in fact, the common causes of pimples.

Skin treatment for acne goes beyond curing irritations that scar the skin. It also tries to mend the scarred confidence of the acne sufferers themselves. While seeking professional is essential in solving this issue, there are certain practices that you can incorporate in your lifestyle to lessen its effects on your skin. Besides observing the right diet, sleeping at the right time and exercising regularly, keeping your hands off your face can stop the transfer of pimple causing bacteria.

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