Substance Abuse Impacts A Sufferer’s Psychological Process

July 14, 2012 0 Comments

Government agencies in the United States revealed data that there were about 8.3% of the country’s citizens who had been addicted to drugs in 2006. This figure may have been doubled or tripled in the present times due to the quick access of both prescription and prohibited drugs. Determining a minimum of 3 major symptoms of drug addiction will already offer a family member the concept that his loved one is into illegal drugs.

An individual who abuses medications will have an impacted psychological and bodily condition. His abuse becomes serious as he tends to use more dosage at an increasing frequency, modifying the way the way his mind and body functions. When utilized continuously, substances will influence the way the person manages his associations within his household, school and work.

While some addicted individuals who utilize either prescription or prohibited medications may go through hyperactivity, others may feel comfortable and calm. Drugs differ in their influences on a patient however their addictive aspect is applicable to everyone. Stimulants may provide an energy rush and a euphoric outcome to individuals. No matter what substances an individual utilizes, he is likely to use more quantities of them to get the preferred results.

Physically, a drug abuser becomes evident with his drug dependence due to the alterations in his appearance. While some may suddenly slim down, other addicts may gain. Drug abuse may also influence his motor abilities and stability. Those who take illegal drugs through the nose will have congestion or nasal troubles and nosebleeds. Meanwhile, people who inject harmful drugs may be using long-sleeved clothing to hide needle markings.

Furthermore, the way a patient thinks and senses will also be impacted by drug use. Drugs lead to imbalances in the performance of the brain which results to depression, mood swings, frustration and irritability. This will also result to slurred speech because of the incapacity of the person to transform thoughts into speech.

Handling drug dependence challenges should includehow to deal with symptoms of drug abuse. Being able to determine these symptoms will aid a concerned family member to make a good approach for intervention with the help of an expert from substance abuse treatment facilities.

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