What Does Menopause Mean For You?

July 12, 2012 0 Comments

As women at midlife, we can at long last take in a deep breath and exhale. You have indeed reached the gateway, that marvelous middle place through which we are wonderfully placed, poised between where you have been and where we are going. You can recall with this special vantage point and extract enlightenment coming from all the experiences we have had, and we have the ability to also glance forward, ahead of us, to the many amazing years to come. At this extraordinary time in our lives we each have the ability to make a decision what our menopause experience will look like. Our passage through the symptoms of menopause offers us with numerous diverging paths, so many opportunities, that these years are potentially the richest of our lives.

The menopause is really the time at midlife when we start to ask the necessary questions: Just how could I make my life even more meaningful? Exactly what should I be doing right now? Exactly what am I meant to do? If my children have grown and left home, exactly what is my function now? Do I still possess the same worth? Exactly how do I manage to deal with the transformations in my body and also in my daily life, and still keep a positive self-image as I get older? Is it all downhill from here? The questions you ask ourselves can essentially be distilled down to this: “Am I living the best life I can? Am I living true?”

How do you live our true life? What would this look like? Is it even feasible to have a “true life” along with all the everyday pressures you deal with? Well, it is possible. In fact, it has never been more possible. We are at the very best time of our lives. Right here. Right now. It is up to us to find out just what today will bring, and just what the coming years will look like. Life at menopause is definitely loaded with transitions as well as challenges. There are numerous ways you can go. That’s the reason why it is so vital to experience these years with a true and open heart.

We’ve never been in a better place, or at a better time, to choose for ourselves. We have never been in a better place to make positive changes in our lives. We’ve never been in a better place to use the wisdom we have garnered over the years, and also to make the choices which will allow us to embrace our menopause journey.

Still, at midlife, some of us may feel defeated by the symptoms of menopause. The hot flashes and menopause induced deficiency of sleep. The sadness plus irritability. We may well have given up. We may not have the energy or the resolution to understand how to best help ourselves through this passage. We might have even tried menopause treatments options however were dissatisfied with the results leaving you discouraged and worse, surrendered to being miserable. Whenever we resign we miss out on living our own greatness. Resignation is undoubtedly our death knell, whether or not you are thirty or eighty.

Don’t resign. Refuse the voice that has made you surrender any component of your life, the voice that validates the distressing indicators of menopause, the one that claims it’s just too difficult or it will never make a difference in any case. Anytime we surrender to whatever we think binds us, we automatically contract. We picture ourselves as victims.

Know we are fortunate to be at a different point in our lives than the generations that came before us. We hold the possibility to experience menopause in different ways from the way our mothers or grandmothers did. We know we are not quite the same as we were in our twenties, but for the most part, we are healthy, intellectually active, interested, and have a sense of adventure and spirit a lot younger than generations before us. Having the courage to make the most of your life can commence at any age, however it is essential to recognize that the sooner you make up your mind to take action, the quicker you will realize results. Menopause is really the ultimate wake-up call, a chance to determine exactly how we’ve been living up to this time. It is the culmination of years of lifestyle routines, both good and bad. However it’s never too late to reshape our habits– all it requires is really desire together with commitment to assume responsibility for your own health and wellness. Step by step, one day at a time, you can start to build, or even rebuild a sound foundation for a comfortable menopause and also quality longevity.

It is encouraging to recognize that the traditional manifestations of menopause– night sweats, vaginal dryness, insomnia, and mood swings– are not inevitable. Presently there are many vitamins together with natural herbs that can easily help to stabilize a changing body chemistry– with no adverse effects. Taking control of your treatment for menopause now will start you on a journey to continued health, vitality and radiance.

Most of all, make this an amazing time of life for you. Take some quiet time for yourself on a daily basis. Meditation and deep breathing are amazing tools for calming the mind and also smoothing out the ups and downs of day to day living. Reading uplifting affirmations and spiritual books can often take you beyond yourself and revitalize your point of view on life. Treat yourself well and tune in to your body/mind signals. Menopause can be a wonderful time for taking inventory pertaining to all facets of your life. Explore this time with joy and adventure, because, for many women, the best is still ahead. May your journey be blessed with happiness and wisdom as well.

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