Which Should Be Tackled First, The Drug Addiction Of The Addictive Personality?

July 30, 2012 0 Comments

Drug abuse or any other substance abuse is ordinarily a manifestation of an underlying issue. Addictive personalities rely on drugs to resolve their problems while co-dependent people trust in others to resolve problems. These descriptions begin to expose why a number of people remain in abusive marriages that destroys them as well as others and why drug addicts continuously abuse substances.

Addiction to cocaine, heroin, alcohol, meth and other drugs signify unresolved and underlying issues. But which condition do you manage first, the addictive personality or the drug addiction?

To learn how to appropriately end destructive and abusive behavior you should first have a picture of what these kinds of individualities resemble. Understand that abusers are motivated by hidden problems they’re out of contact with; in spite of rejection or even how charming, enthusiastic, or intriguing the individual acts while engaged in the uncontrollable or automatic behavior.

Addictive Personality Characteristics

• Surpasses limits in lots of things and does not have self-control

• Obsessive or compulsive urge to feel in command of all things in their lives

• Has a stressful and chaotic behavior

• Changes addictions: quits using drugs and goes to consuming alcohol or uncontrollable sexual activities, etc.

• Has alcohol or drug addiction issues

• Loves gambling and will take risks to avoid problems or reality in life

• Smokes weed daily

An individual will usually “hold onto” these traits despite the detrimental consequences because they firmly believe that they must continue them to become successful or enjoy themselves or feel well or survive, etc. Information such as these are usually not a concern to argue over with an individual who possesses them. They feel they definitely need to perform these to be able to survive, right?

They simply cannot afford to lose this issue, so only use this particular list to gauge yourself or some other person and insure that the correct action is taken. Holistic drug treatment programs are usually sought to fully handle the underlying problems driving those behaviors.

Managing either the addictive personality or the drug addiction without coping with the other does not work for too long. The personality characteristics or addiction will sabotage all of the great work that either you or they have accomplished. But do not use this as a reason for not doing something. Just about any effort is way better than none at all.

The best strategy to fully take care of the addictive personality would be to check out good holistic drug treatment programs that take care of the underlying factors behind the addictive traits or the addiction itself that made the person’s life absolutely dependent on drugs.

Addictive personalities aren’t something to be pleased with. They are signs and symptoms of unresolved issues. Imagine these attributes as blessings because they are warning signs that will help you uncover and fix the very issues that are ruining your life. More tags or reasons or drugs will not solve addictive personalities, although effective and holistic drug treatment programs certainly can.

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