Xanax Abuse And Its Effects

July 31, 2012 0 Comments

Xanax is member of a family of medications known as benzodiazepine drugs. It is generally advised by the doctors for treating panic attacks with or without agoraphobia. If it is prescribed only for a brief period of time on the advice of a health care provider, the chance of xanax addiction and abuse is moderate. If it is used for periods lengthier than 2 weeks, the risks of addiction to Xanax are very high and the user might feel withdrawal symptoms on the end of use.

When the body gets used to a specific amount of dose, the sense of euphoria and rest lessens. The addict will then raise the quantity to feel the same sensation ones more. Unfortunately the body’s tolerance to Xanax will keep on increasing and sensation will not fully return. A time comes when the addict stops to feel any euphoria but still he has to take Xanax to stay away from withdrawal signs.

Xanax side effects:

Most commonly the use of Xanax does not produce side effects that are too dangerous. But the commonly observable small effects might include nausea, tiredness, itchiness, constipation, shakiness, lightheadedness and garbled speech. These side effects are said to go away ones the body adapts to consuming standard dosage of Xanax. You should visit your health care provider if these side effects do not go away.

Although the above described side effects are the most common, some other side effects may also appear. These other effects might include depression, suicidal thoughts, breathing problems, jaundice, hallucinations, allergic reactions, amnesia and swelling on the tongue and face. These are more sever effects of Xanax. If you note any of these symptoms, you should visit your physician immediately.

Only few side effects of addiction to Xanax are known that specifically affect individual gender. Addiction to Xanax might result in impotence in male gender. It might cause failure to achieve orgasm and low libido in women.

Pregnant women who are Xanax addicts should look for medical assistance immediately. Xanax can cause increased danger of birth defects. But it should be kept in mind that sudden cessation of taking Xanax is dangerous for the fetus as well as the mother. The withdrawal process must be undergone under strict medical supervision in an inpatient facility. The process should be headed by a well trained doctor who is well versed in addiction medicine.

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