Boxing Training At UFC Gym Sydney

Boxing Training At UFC Gym Sydney
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Boxing Training At UFC Gym Sydney

UFC has emerged as one of the most popular contact sports in the world in recent years, and for good reason. It is a mix of self defense and fighting methods that produces lively, spirited matches for fans. UFC gyms have popped up in many places and have become quite popular with enthusiasts of the sport. Even if you are not training to become an Ultimate Fighting Champion, you can still use these gyms. Whether you are looking for general fitness methods or boxing training, all can be had at a UFC gym.

Why Boxing

There are a lot of reasons why people might want to learn to box. Perhaps they want to become an amateur fighter in actual prize fights for money. Some people take it up as a form of self defense. Still others enjoy the sport because it requires a lot of quick thinking, reacting, speed, agility, and power. Not all sports require all of these things at once. Many require sheer power or speed, but not necessarily both. A boxer workout, therefore, aims to get you in shape both cardiovascular, as well as muscularly. You get all of your health needs covered with one sport, while also learning something that can be very useful in the real work as well. It is a winning situation for all involved.

Massive Facility

Boxing training is a specific discipline, but it still requires you to be in good overall shape. You also need great speed, and reflex skills for when your opponent takes a swing at you. Different exercises produce results for each of these areas, which means you need a gymnasium with a lot of features. In the 3,000 square metre facility of the UFC Gym in Sydney, you will find everything you need under one roof.

Boxing Training Equipment

Many boxers get their speed and light feet from jumping rope, which you can do in this huge building, which is full of space for doing these space intensive exercises. You also need good cardio conditioning so that you do not get winded while circling your opponent. A series of equipment such as treadmills and stationary bikes can help you get your cardio conditioning in.

Boxing Training with Weights

Those muscles you see on boxers on television do not come just from jumping rope or sparring with partners in the ring. Some of it comes from lifting weights, which helps develop the muscles needed to hit with power, which helps win matches. There is lots of weight equipment options here, including bench presses, power lifting and dumbbells.

Personal Boxing Training

There are lots of personal trainers who are willing to help for an additional fee per hour. They will talk with you about what your goals are, and devise a plan to help you achieve it. They push you to achieve more and aim higher, which can help get you where you need to go and become the best boxer you can be.

Bag Arena

Punching bags are another big part of boxing training, as are speed bags. The UFC Gym has an entire Bag Arena full of both so that you can practice your speed and power. You can work alone, or find a partner among the many other trainees there, and help each other. There is even a grappling area where you can spar to get in some real practice.

After Your Boxing Training

A gymnasium should be about more than just the equipment, though. There should also be amenities to help your body recover after a hard workout. Give yourself a little time in the on site sauna to help you sweat out toxins and give your muscles some pampering so they perform better the next day. There are also luxurious changing facilities that allow you to shower and change your clothes in a clean environment. You will go home feeling so energized and great that you will think you were just at a spa rather than a gym.

Kids Box

One of the challenges of getting in a good workout if you are a parent is finding someone to watch your children while you are working out. That is why the Kids Box child minding area is such a godsend. For an additional fee, you can have training professionals looking after your kids, even as young as just 8 weeks old. Kids up to 14 years old are allowed, so you can get your work in without having to find a sitter. This means there are no excuses for not signing up for a membership and taking up boxing lessons on a regular basis. Are you interested about boxing? Join in UFC Gym Sydney boxing training class and learn boxing to defend yourself.

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